Dr. Gamble greets a parent during 父母 Weekend.


Hillsdale College is a place where time-tested truths are taught to some of the nation’s finest students. The College accepts no form of federal or state taxpayer monies and has been in existence since 1844. Such a strong stance on education requires an enthusiastic and generous network of supporters and volunteers, and so the Hillsdale College 的同事 program was created in 1982.

There are currently over 540 Hillsdale College 的同事 located in 42 states and two foreign countries. 的同事 focus on one or more of the following areas and volunteer only as much as their schedule allows:

  1. 的同事 promote a general awareness of Hillsdale College by adding names to the 首先 circulation list; assist at Hillsdale receptions; and recommend potential event locations within their community. They also share contact information for those who would benefit from attending a Hillsdale College event.
  2. 的同事 promote and/or organize study groups for one or more of the College’s 在线 courses available at 在线.澳门威尼斯人网上赌博.edu.
  3. Our volunteers share information about the College’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship 在华盛顿特区.C.; the Van Andel Graduate School of Government (also on the College’s D.C. campus); and the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship located on the main campus in Hillsdale.
  4. Volunteers also serve as a trusted referral source for professional services (lawyers, 评估人员, and real estate agents as examples) in their communities.
  5. For those interested in learning more about classical K-12 education and curriculum alternatives, 的同事 offer information about Hillsdale’s classical charter school initiative.
  6. 的同事 encourage qualified potential students to apply to Hillsdale College.
  7. They also serve as career networking connections for current students via Hillsdale’s Career Services Office.

Some of the qualifications to become a Hillsdale College Associate include life experience, 地理位置, knowledge about the Hillsdale College mission, donations to the school, prior experience in attending Hillsdale events, and familiarity with our publications. Potential 的同事 are referred by Hillsdale College staff members, 其他同事, or interested individuals may contact the Hillsdale College Associate office directly for consideration at (电子邮件保护).


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